• Father`s Ludwik Mycielski jubilee of monastic vows, Tyniec - Biskupów, Poland


  • Fr Placid Murray celebrates his 100th birthday

    Michał Dragan

Congregatio Annuntiations O.S.B

The Belgian Congregation of monks of the Order of St. Benedict under the title of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (become in 1967 the Benedictine Congregation of the Annun-ciation) was erected by Apostolic Brief on February 20th 1920.

From our monasteries:

Tyniec | Poland


3000 B.C. - Traces of an earliest settlement on the Tyniec hill.  1044 - According to the local tradition the Abbey was founded by Casimir the Restorer, the son and the successor of the King Mieszko II and Rycheza, the Queen of Köln. The monastery plays an important role in the restauration of th...

On Saturday 6th October 2018, the first time in its history, the community of Glenstal Abbey celebrated the 100th birthday of one of its members – Fr Placid Murray. Fr Placid is now resident in a nearby nursing home, but, as he does most weeks, he returned to Glenstal for Mass and lunch on the day. He was one of the concelebrants at the Mass, at which Abbot Brendan Coffey presided. Fittingly, the ...

The General Chapter at Subiaco ended

12 September 2018 | Michał Dragan

In the last 8 days at Subiaco, the place of origins of the Benedictine's life, there was held the General Chapter of the Congregation of Annunciat...

Benediction of Abbot President Maksymilian R. Nawara

10 September 2018 | Michał Dragan

Today, 10th September, during the Holy Mass celebrated in the Benedictine Monastery Sancto Speco at Subiaco, Italy, took place the rite of benediction...

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