The General Chapter at Subiaco ended

12 September 2018 | Michał Dragan

In the last 8 days at Subiaco, the place of origins of the Benedictine's life, there was held the General Chapter of the Congregation of Annunciation. More than 40 participants from the incorporated and affiliated cloisters discussed about the current situation of Congregation and the questions arising from the common life in their communities.

The General Chapter is called on the regular basis each 4 years. The body exercises within the Congregation the supreme legislative and judiciary powers in all matters concerning the progress and reform of monastic life. It also deals with matters concerning the common good, as well as with the relations between monasteries.

This time the delegates considered the spiritual aspects of monastic brotherhood basing on the pertinent biblical texts and the Rule of Saint Benedict. They were also occupied by the formal things such as the financial statement or requests for affiliation made to the Congregation. The General Chapter has also elected on the end of their debates the new Abbot President for the period of the next 8 years.

On the photo: The participants of the General Chapter in the Monastery of S. Scholastica. In the middle of the front with crosses, from the left side: Abbot Bernard Lorent (Maredsous), Abbot President Maksymilian R. Nawara (Lubiń), Abbot Mauro Meacci (Subiaco)

The 100th birthday in Glenstal

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On Saturday 6th October 2018, the first time in its history, the community of Glenstal Abbey celebrated the 100th birthday of one of its members – Fr ...

Benediction of Abbot President Maksymilian R. Nawara

10 September 2018 | Michał Dragan

Today, 10th September, during the Holy Mass celebrated in the Benedictine Monastery Sancto Speco at Subiaco, Italy, took place the rite of benediction...

The Members of The Council of Abbot President Appointed

10 September 2018 | Michał Dragan

During the morning session of General Chapter in Subiaco, in the last day of debate, there were appointed the Members of the Abbot President s Council...

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